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TV Squad nails last night’s Office in a single sentence

Posted by mofunk on April 25, 2008

“We entered a Bizarro world tonight, with Dwight becoming Vince Vaughn, Jim becoming Michael, and Ryan becoming Bronson Pinchot from True Romance.” – Jay Black, TV Squad scribe

The reason that amuses me so much? 1) Totally on-point. 2) It sums up *another* great episode. 3) I welcome any and all references to the man that was Balki Bartokomous.


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The Wire Season 5 hits DVD August 12

Posted by mofunk on April 24, 2008

According to TV Shows on DVD, the final season of HBO’s hit series The Wire will hit stores on August 12. Sheeeeeeet. Though that seems like a lifetime from now, I’m only just finishing Season 4 and am admittedly in a much better positiCourtesy of TV Shows on DVDon than other non-HBO subscribers, who -without an iTunes option- have been without new episodes since early December.

Below are the fun extras we can look forward to:

  • The Wire Odyssey – A Retrospective of the First Four Seasons
  • The Wire: The Last Word – A Documentary Exploring the Role of the Media
  • 6 Audio Commentaries – With Creator David Simon, Cast and Crew

Image: Courtesy of TV Shows on DVD

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Tricia Helfer to guest on Burn Notice

Posted by mofunk on April 24, 2008

Well, this is amazing. The illustrious Michael Ausiello over at TV Guide is reporting that Battlestar Galactica’s Tricia Helfer will guest star as Carla – Michael’s “sleek, sexy and lethal” handler – for a multi-episode arc in Season 2 of Burn Notice. (Sidenote: I have to imagine that “sexy” goes without saying. It would take a helluva lot of makeup to dog down this stunner.)

What’s not to love here? Burn Notice? Check. Anyone from the BSG cast? Check. All we need now is a cameo by Michael Vartan, television’s original sexy handler, and you’ve got spy hotness at its best.

Image: Courtesy of Pregame Lobby

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Clark and Michael – Come on back, won’t ya?

Posted by mofunk on April 24, 2008

Web-only series seem to keep popping up more and more… and, oftentimes, I find them smarter and more entertaining than many shows on-air. Maybe because they’re shorter and don’t need to stretch out storylines with extraneous filler? Maybe they can push the envelope off-the-radar? Either way, you best believe this format will play an integral role in networks’ growth strategies over the next few years.

One prime example: Clark and Michael. I was originally drawn in because there’s nothing Michael Cera touches that I’m not on board for. (See: Arrested Development, Superbad, Juno.) But the real break-out star here is Clark Duke, whose dead-pan humor and dry wit are irresistible. (You can also catch Clark as the super-conservative, super-religious Dale on ABC Family’s Greek.) Watching these two friends pimp themselves out across Hollywood… comedy gold.

But, alas, its been nearly a year since the 10-episode series went live. Judging by the number of recent comments on the site, there are clearly others like me who fell in deep TV lust with this duo and yearn for more. So what gives, guys? I know your respective stars keep rising, but do your fans a steady and give us a little more sweetness, k?

Images: Courtesy of

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Finally, the truly worthy are rewarded

Posted by mofunk on April 24, 2008

The PrimCourtesy of ABC Media Netetime Emmys have opted to get a little more “real” by adding a new honor to their slate on September 21 – Outstanding Host For A Reality or Reality-Competition Program. Well, thank God. It’s about time they recognized the hardest working performers in Hollywood… and classed these awards up.

You know I’m pulling for either The Bachelor’s Chris Harrison (pictured) or Big Brother’s Julie Chen. Admittedly, neither are particularly interesting or original. But I’d love to hear their acceptance speeches. Inevitably, Harrison would describe the Emmys as “the most dramatic (shocking, exciting) awards ceremony… ever.” Chenbot would be even more hysterically predictable. My only questions: Will she charge her batteries beforehand? How many times will she pivot on stage and segue with “but first…”?

I’m sure the nominees will be the more – groan – “deserving” candidates: The Amazing Race’s Phil Keoghen, Survivor’s Jeff Probst… hell, maybe even American Idol’s Ryan Seacrest, who, while an enormous tool, actually seems suited to the series’ format. None of whom interest me in the slightest.

Image: Courtesy of ABC Media Net

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Welcome, Tubers

Posted by mofunk on April 24, 2008

It’s finally happened… TV Tailgate is live and open for bidness.

Pull up your lawn chair, grab a burger and get ready to dish on the latest-and-greatest in all-things small screen.

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